Coffee & Espresso

All of our coffee and espresso is fresh roasted in the roaster and freshly ground before every brew.
All Coffee and Espresso Drinks also come Iced for no extra charge.


House Blend and House Decaf Blend

Andina House Blend – Aromatic, mild, high-altitude blend. It is bright and well balanced with both dark and light overtones.

Andina House Decaf Blend – Light and well balanced with a caramelly aftertaste.


Andina Espresso Blend

It is well rounded, has good body and a caramel aroma.


Andina Dark Roasts

Buddy’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Medium bodied estate with unique brightness and medium acidity. Floral aroma with hints of honey suckle. This is truly a connoisseur’s delight!

Costa Rican Tarraza Taparto – Zingy, Bright, and Spicy with hints of lemon! Let this Coffee help wake you up in the mornings!

Dark Roast Sumatra – Vibrant, rich, and full- bodied. It is the epitome of full flavor, as well as being spicy, chocolaty and complex.

Guatemala Huehue Tenago – Medium Body, sweet aroma, and a citrusy finish. This blend is surprisingly delightful!

Kenya AA Dark – Known for its wineyness and its flavorful brightness unlike any other; it has a very pronounced flavor and body

Pablo’s Blend – Bold, Rich, and Strong! Satisfying and well rounded!

Tanzania Peaberry – Bright acidity, medium body, clean woody aroma, and a winey finish!

Zimbabwe Pinnacle – It is dry and spicy with a well-balanced flavor and satisfying finish.